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Crispin potatoes have a longer shelf-life and more attractive appearance than Yukon Gold. A more flavorful yellow-flesh potato with a firm texture.

The eyes of a crispin are shallow and well distributed with a oval to oblong tuber shape. Breed by Irish Potato Breeders, Ltd., and with a parentage of Anigo x DHS 70-699-3A. The skin is smooth and more attractive than Yukon Gold after storage and is resistant to bruising. The flesh is light buttery yellow, not as dark as Yukon Gold. Crispins are also firmer and have less discoloration after cooking. It does however, require longer to cook. Crispins are also considered to have better flavor and texture than Yukon Gold for microwaving, boiling, baked and especially for frying. They are also higher in yield. The plant itself is much larger and more stress resistant vine than the Yukon Gold. Some tolerance to late blight in the foliage and tuber. More tubers per plant, resulting in more marketable sized tubers. Has a medium maturity, and a nine inch spacing may optimize yield and tuber size.

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