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Seed Potatoes

Summit Farms offers a number of services tailored to your particular needs.

We can propagate under contract any variety that you have had success with and are unable to find in the quantity desired. We can supply seed from our available seed bank in the following varieties:

We are Colorado's largest source of chip varieties and keep a Clone Bank of more than 40 varieties. Call us for details.

Chip Varieties Red Varieties Russet Varieties
Atlantic Colorado Rose Norkotah 3's
Chipeta NDC 5281-2R Norkotah 8's
Frito Lay 1867   Norkotah 112
Snow White
White Varieties Norkotah 223
  Avalanche Norkotah 278
    Norkotah 296
  Yellow Varieties Rio Grande Russet
  Yukon Gold
All varieties in G1 - G4 are sized to customers desire and are available in Bulk, 100lb. sacks, or mini bags.

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