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Snow White

A high yielding main-crop variety light yellow in colour with excellent disease resistance. Suitable for fresh market and for processing into fries.

Parentage: Ulster Concord x DHS 70 116 37
Breeder: J.E.Cockram, Aspull, Wigan, Lancs.
National listing date: 1994
Plant breeders rights: Yes

010 Data source: GBR165
011 Plant material maintained as: In-vitro , Tuber
012 Plant health directive EC77/93 requirements: Fully tested
020 Country of origin: GBR
030 Sample status: Advanced cultivar
040 Test conditions: Non-organic
110 Maturity: Late
120 Growth habit: Spreading to semi erect
121 Foliage cover: Moderate to good
130 Flower colour: Red violet
131 Flower frequency: Occasional
132 Berries: Rare to occasional
210 Light sprout colour: Pink
220 Tuber skin colour: White to yellow
221 Tuber eye colour: Yellow
230 Primary tuber flesh colour: Cream
240 Tuber shape: Oval
241 Tuber eye depth: Shallow to medium
242 Tuber skin texture: Smooth
322 Tuber shape uniformity: Medium
335 Resistance to external damage: Moderate to resistant
336 Resistance to internal bruising: Medium
340 Dormancy period: Medium
410 Cooking type: Salad type , Multi-purpose
411 Cooked texture: Fairly firm
412 After cooking blackening: Trace to little
431 Frying colour: Pale to medium
440 Dry matter content: Medium to high
511 Resistance to foliage late blight(P.infestans): Medium to high
512 Resistance to tuber late blight (P. infestans): Medium to high
530 Resistance to common scab (S. scabies): Medium to high
540 Wart (Synchytrium endobioticum): Field immune
550 Resistance to gangrene (Phoma foveata): High
610 Resistance to blackleg (Erwinia spp.): Medium
715 Resistance to potato virus X: Medium to high
716 Resistance to potato virus Y: Low
718 Resistance to potato leaf roll virus: Medium
810 Resistance to Globodera rostochiensis race 1: Low
820 Resistance to Globodera pallida race 1: Very low to low
821 Resistance to Globodera pallida race 2: Very low to low

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