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Yukon Gold

The Yukon Gold is an attractive, multi purpose cultivars, medium specific gravity, round to slightly oval shape with light yellow flesh. Released in 1980 by Agriculture Canada, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and the University of Guelph. ( Norgleam x W5279-4) Tuber shape is round to slightly oval and slightly flattened, with shallow pale pink eyes, yellow skin and light yellow flesh.


Medium sized, upright vine, determinate type, light red-purple flower, and somewhat compact root system. Plants emerge quickly, but usually only have 1 to 3 stems per plat, thus high plant density and relatively low nitrogen levels tend to optimize yield of marketable sized tubers. Tuber set is light to medium and high in the hill. Greening may be a problem without proper hill conformation. Water usage declines as vines mature, thus monitor late season irrigation carefully. Tuber bulking occurs early and very rapidly and close monitoring is warranted after 90 days. The Yukon Gold stores well and may develop Fusarium dry rot if handled roughly. It has a moderate resistance to mild mosaic, and is susceptible to common scab, PVY, foliar early blight, Fusarium dry rot, silver scurf and Rhizoctonia scurf.

Growing Season: 80 - 90

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